wires electricityAre you having trouble gaining fans on Facebook, getting responses to your blog posts, and really getting engaged with new media platforms?  We recently posed the question to our followers: “What are some creative ways your small business has utilized social media?”  Here are their responses which may spark some ideas to help you jump start your new media presence:

HARO Help a Reporter OutSocial Media Interview Series - HARO/Casting Words
Reuben Rail from FireStarter Consulting suggests “A fun and effective to use social media is to conduct a Social Media Interview Series with ‘experts’ that your clients will find of value. It offers a triple win in that you get provide your clients with value, make new relationships with interviewees (and help them out), and get traffic for your blog.  As far as choosing your interviewees you can either think of certain people ahead of time, and then approach them (wanting to build that relationship), or you can broadcast for experts.  When I did this for a B2B Consulting Firm I used Help A Reporter (HARO), and sent out a request for experts in the needed area. WARNING – you will get a lot of responses, but we definitely found some QUALITY interviewees (CXO @ big companies).   As for your content you can do email interviews, video, podcast, or an ebook resulting from either of the three. I am a big fan of recycling content into other formats for consumption. If you do video or podcast you can use a service like Casting Words to help reformat the content.”

Book GiveawayFree GiveAways
Erica Friedman from ALC Publishing found look using free giveaways: “We gave away copies of our last publication to people who posted/tweeted/facebooked about it. We assigned a point value to links, full posts and video embeds, and when someone made a certain point amount, they got a copy of the book for free, no catches. We ended up giving away a few dozen books and selling hundreds more as a result”

connecting with facebookProviding Value to Clients
Brett Fleckinger advises: “We are a CPA firm and we have used social media to help match our business owner clients with our charity clients who are seeking donors for their programs. Everyone wins. Our business clients feel good and get tax deductions. Our nonprofit clienst get the money they desparately need and our clients appreciate our involvement.

Facebook iconGame Based Marketing
Tabatha Jones from Avante Garde Media “We have been using a lot of game based marketing strategies with social media. This is just a way to keep things upbeat. We are currently running a logo contest which we have business submit their logo to us and at the end of the month we will post an open voting poll on Facebook featuring the logos that were submitted to us for people to vote on. The logo with the most votes will get a featured spotlight on our website showcasing their company.”

Manemaxx social mediaGroup Discounts
Tiffany Twist from ManeMaxx had a great idea “I added to one of my companies website, an incentive which offers potential customers discounts on “group orders.” And, how would one look for others who may want to take part in a group order? Through their social networks, of course, and places where others with similar interests meet up.  The page has only been up this week so no results to report yet but it seems like it certainly won’t hurt =) The page just sits there pretty pain free. We’ll see. I have a product many of my customers like to be discreet about. So maybe it will be a feature someone reading this will use which will really help spread the word about their product or service. Like your site’s own little Groupon program =) “  Check out their page here

BloggingGenerating Buzz
Duncan Williams of I-5 Designs generated buzz through social media.  He says  “We just re-designed our website and changed the coding and keywords to be more search engine friendly. Also, tweeting, Linked-In, and company blog activity helps to create a buzz around your company.”

Slow 2 Pro: Triathlon Training Tips, Gear & Advice in the Pursuit of Going Pro. Twitter/Blogging Twitter @slow2pro
Slow 2 Pro utilized twitter, social networks, and blogging to help a triathlete gain sponsorship.  Check out their blog for some ideas on how you can collaborate with others to increase awareness and draw traffic.

Dave Maskin LinkedIn#1 on LinkedIn
Dave Maskin of wirenames.com utilizes LinkedIn Answers and Groups to gain new clients.   He says: “By participating in the various groups I own and are a part of, it’s lead to many one on one conversations that have lead to many new clients…”

I hope these responses have given you some ideas for your company.  Contact us at www.newmediabuilder.com for a free consultation on how to jump start your social media strategy!

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