Google Shifting to Social SearchIf you haven’t heard, there is a major shift taking shape online thanks to competition between Facebook and Google. With Facebook’s advancement into search, Google has responded by restructuring their search engine. Gone are the days of traditional SEO work with companies vying over rank. If you want to be found online, what matters now is social media. Are you prepared?

1. Know where you stand. Companies have been trying to create reliable metrics to measure the impact of social media for years. Now, sites like Klout are gaining traction as powerful tools providing social rankings for companies and users across several networks.

Blogging2. Get out there! If you’re not active in social media now is the time to get started! Original content is king! Develop meaningful, useful articles and blog posts which will get shared and draw links to your site. There are several easy to use and free blogging sites which can easily be integrated into your website.

social bookmarking 3. Social Bookmarking – Sites like reddit, stumbleupon, delicious, Google Buzz and more can help your web content go viral and increase your web reach. Create an account and encourage your network to share your content!

professional best face forward4. Put your best face forward. Pay attention to what you are saying and sharing online. Are you sure your profiles are safe for work? Old status messages, groups joined, wall posts can come back to haunt you. Sites like Socioclean can help you purge your facebook profile of offensive content.

Facebook Insights5. Knowledge is power. Do you know how many people are visiting your site, where they are being referred from, who is talking about you? Make sure you are monitoring your social media accounts. Keep track with Google Analytics and Insights.

A huge transition is underway; personalized search and social sharing are here to stay. Don’t get left behind; contact us for a free consultation. New Media Builder will simplify the process by building a social media marketing plan to fit your needs.

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