Below is the transcript from my argument for the Tweetup Kalamazoo Social Media Battle held on July 15, 2011.  I argued that you should not post all of your Foursquare checkins on Twitter.  To learn more about TweetUp Kalamazoo click here or to see the live video click here Battles start at 16:30 Skip to 24:00 to see this battle.  To learn more about social media battles check out

So, my argument can pretty much be summed up in 3 letters: TMI (too much information).  If you autopost all of your locations from Foursquare, especially without any additional information, 9 times out of 10 your are posting something people don’t care to know.  

Do we really want to know about someones trip to the gas station or every time they arrive at work?  Here are some other indications you might be over sharing:  Checking in at your OB-GYN or at a funeral is probably not a good idea.

Another concern is safety; if your tweets are public, you are broadcasting your exact location at all times.  People may know the perfect time to break in to your Lamborghini.

Overall, the main reason you should not autopost foursquare checkins to Twitter is that they are different platforms designed for different purposes.  With Twitter, as with most social media platforms,you want to avoid broadcasting and focus on engagement.  I’m not saying never tweet your location; but before posting each check in, I think you should first ask yourself:  “Is this relevant to my followers?  Will this spark conversation or is this annoying content which will clog up their Twitter feed?”

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