New Media Builder - Social Media Consulting and Design1. What the Font?

Have you ever seen an ad or website with a great font and wanted to know what it is?  You can submit a file or URL to this website and it will return the closest match.

Here is what the site suggests for the New Media Builder logo:

New Media Builder blog font suggestion

2. ZipCast

Zipcast One of the best free web conferencing sites, Zipcast was created by Slideshare.  The website easily allows you to upload your youtube video, slideshare presentation, or powerpoint.  You can then start a presentation using your webcam and invite guests with Facebook or Twitter.  Very simple and easy to use.


A very useful tool for small businesses just starting out, K7 provides a free voice mail and fax delivery system with messages being sent directly to your email.   The website provides you with a free telephone number which can be used for fax or voice mail.  You can even customize your greeting by dialing the number and using your 4 digit security code.  (To send a free fax you can use FaxZero)
Image courtesy of Minor Prophet

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