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Don’t fret; we are here to help!  Below are New Media Builder’s questions of the week:

1. If someone set up a Facebook personal profile as their business by mistake, what are ways to get the “friends” to move over to their new business page?

It is hard to get fans to convert from one profile to another. Inevitably, you will lose a few in the transition. You can post the link on your wall, send a direct message to your friends, or wait until facebook fixes the suggest to friends option on the business page. Another option is to use the business page to create an event and invite your personal page’s friends to the event asking them to like your business page. However, the most effective way of getting more fans would probably be to pay for a personalized facebook ad which recommends to your current friends to like your page and shows other people who they are connected to who have already done so themselves.

2. Where do you find your LinkedIn URL?

You can find and customize the URL of your Public Profile by taking the following steps:  Click on “Edit Profile” under the Profile tab on your homepage. Click on “Edit” next to the URL listed on the “Public Profile” line. Click on “Edit” in the “Your Public Profile URL” section at the top of page. This will take you to a page that will show you your current URL and will allow you to update that address. Most custom URLs begin with You are able to add a custom ending to what will appear after the “”. For example, Jane Doyle could customize her URL to read “”.  Click on the “Set Address” button once you have entered your custom URL.  Now, add this customized url to your email signature, business cards, and other new media sites.

3. I can’t control the way linksalpha wordpress plugin publishes my blog posts. Linksalpha publishes a blog post to LinkedIn twice, FaceBook twice and Twitter once, then Twitter sends it to LinkedIn. I’m so confused.

Have you set up automatic posting from your other social accounts previously? For example, your tweets automatically post on facebook or linkedin? If I were you I would go to each separate site>settings>applications and remove all of them. Then try re-enabling your plugin. That might help.

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